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Fossil specimen : BGS GSM35462 – Holotype

Taxonomic Group

Kingdom Animalia

  Phylum Arthropoda

    Class Trilobita

      Order Phacopida

Fossil Name Sphaerocoryphe globiceps (Portlock)
Type Status Holotype
Name History

Sphaerocoryphe globiceps (Portlock)

Staurocephalus globiceps Portlock

Ceraurus globiceps

Registration No. GSM35462
Collector Portlock
Donor or Associated Person Name not available
Held By British Geological Survey Logo British Geological Survey
Comments [Tramare, Waterford in 1865 catalogue]
Country Northern Ireland
Locality Desertcreight
Grid Reference Not available
Rock Unit Caradoc Rocks (Undifferentiated)
Biozone Not available
Geological Age

Caradoc Series (Ordovician Period) (449 – 458.4 Ma B.P.)

[Closest ICS interval: Late Ordovician Epoch ]


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Portlock, 1843, Geol.Rep.Londonderry, etc. cited, ibid. p.257 pl.1, fig.7

Reed, 1952, Proc.Roy.Irish Acad. 55B No.3, cited p.121

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Salter, 1865, Mon.Brit.Trilobites. cited ibid, p.85 pl.viii, fig. 21a, 216

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