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Fossil specimen : BGS GSM19624 – Holotype

Taxonomic Group

Kingdom Animalia

  Phylum Arthropoda

    Class Trilobita

      Order Phacopida

Fossil Name Calymene planicuravata Shirley
Type Status Holotype
Name History

Calymene planicuravata Shirley

Calymene blumenbachi Brong

Registration No. GSM19624
Collector Name not available
Donor or Associated Person Name not available
Held By British Geological Survey Logo British Geological Survey
Country England
Locality Bog Mine, Shelve, Shropshire
Grid Reference Not available
Rock Unit Llandovery Rocks (Undifferentiated)
Biozone Not available
Geological Age

Llandovery Epoch (Silurian Period) (433.4 – 443.8 Ma B.P.)


Curtis & Lane Nov'98 Mon Pal Soc vol 152 p.51

Salter 1865 Mon Brit Trilobites Palaeont Soc pl.9,fig.1a

Shirley 1936 Quart Journ Geol Soc vol XCII p.412 pl.XXX,fig.6,7

Temple 1975 Palaeontology vol 18 1 p.139

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3D Scans

1: /BGS/GSM_19624

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