GB3D Type Fossils

Fossil specimen : BGS GSM48594 – Paratype

Taxonomic Group

Kingdom Animalia

  Phylum Mollusca

    Class Bivalvia

      Order Trigoniida

Fossil Name Trigonia wightensis Strand
Type Status Paratype
Name History

Trigonia wightensis Strand – See Cox, LR (1929)

Pyriporopsis portlandendis Pohowsky – See Pohowsky, RA (1973): Paratype

Registration No. GSM48594
Collector Hudleston Collection. 1890
Donor or Associated Person Presented by Raisin, Miss CA. 1920
Held By British Geological Survey Logo British Geological Survey
Comments Portland Stone - top beds. Piece of card with label also states "specimen encrusting shell of 'Trigonia' wightensis Strand, qv. under Portlandian Bivalves and outlines black in thereon". Unfortunately after all that, the specimen is 'missing'. No Loans Slip etc. UPDATE: 11.5.2011 Specimen found in tray 481346. I will amend PAL tray number accordingly, remove it from 481331 and re-enter in this tray 481346.
Country England
Locality Swindon - Wiltshire. [No more detail].
Grid Reference Not available
Rock Unit Portland Stone Formation
Biozone Not available
Geological Age

Tithonian Age (Jurassic Period) (145.5 – 150.8 Ma B.P.)


Cox, LR. 1929. Dorset Nat.Hist. & Arch. Soc pl3.,fig1

Pohowsky, RA. [in]. 1973. GP. Larwood's 'Living & Fossil Bryzoa' p.450 plI.,figs1,5

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