GB3D Type Fossils

Fossil specimen : BGS GSM47167 – Holotype

Taxonomic Group

Kingdom Animalia

  Phylum Mollusca

    Class Cephalopoda

      Order Ammonitida

Fossil Name Tulites praeclarus (Buckman, SS.)
Type Status Holotype
Name History

Tulites praeclarus (Buckman, SS.)

Tulophorites tulotus Buckman, SS. – See Buckman, SS (1921): Holotype

Registration No. GSM47167
Collector Buckman Collection. 1924
Donor or Associated Person Buckman, SS. 1924
Held By British Geological Survey Logo British Geological Survey
Comments Great Oolite - Bathonian - Subcontractus zone. Note: this specimen is in 2 pieces, note message on reverse of label "plast cast made and specimen sectioned at Sedgewick Museum, Cambridge 1950 for WJ Arkell." There is also a yellow label tod enote thatn another cast was made here on 14.11.2972 but gives no indication as to where it os now!
Country England
Locality Trill - Thornford - Dorset.
Grid Reference Not available
Rock Unit Great Oolite Group
Biozone Subcontractus
Geological Age

Bathonian Age (Jurassic Period) (164.7 – 167.7 Ma B.P.)


Buckman, SS. 1921. Type Ammonites plate 369 a,b

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