GB3D Type Fossils

Fossil specimen : BGS GSM47573 – Holotype

Taxonomic Group

Kingdom Animalia

  Phylum Mollusca

    Class Cephalopoda

      Order Ammonitida

Fossil Name Caenisites caeneus (see Comments below) Buckman SS 1925
Type Status Holotype
Name History

Caenisites caeneus (see Comments below) Buckman SS 1925

Registration No. GSM47573
Collector (ex J Buckman, ex Count Albrizzi)
Donor or Associated Person Buckman, SS. 1926
Held By British Geological Survey Logo British Geological Survey
Comments Lower Lias (turneri zone, birchi subzone).
Country England
Locality Cleeve Brickfield - Glos.
Grid Reference Not available
Rock Unit Lias Group
Biozone Not available
Geological Age

Aalenian Age (Jurassic Period) – Rhaetian Age (Triassic Period) (170.3 – 209.5 Ma B.P.)


Buckman J 1844 Appendix to Murchison 'Geol of Cheltenham' (as Ammonites tortilis d'Orbigny p.91

Buckman SS 1925 Type Ammonites Vol V plate DLXXII

Donovan DT 1953 Proc Geol Soc No 1503 (as Euasteroceras) p.91 p.xiii

Donovan DT Ankell WJ Spath LF Sylvester-Bradley PC Holder H Melville RV & Hemming F 1957 Bull ICZN Vol 17 part 3 p.15-40 Opinion 482

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