GB3D Type Fossils

Fossil specimen : BGS Geol.Soc.Coll.6257 – Lectotype

Taxonomic Group

Kingdom Animalia

  Phylum Mollusca

    Class Bivalvia

      Order -

Fossil Name Limipecten? sp
Type Status Lectotype
Name History

Limipecten? sp

Aviculopecten nexilis (J de C Sowerby)

Pseudaviculopecten sp

Registration No. Geol.Soc.Coll.6257
Collector Name not available
Donor or Associated Person Geol.Soc.Coll. 1911
Held By British Geological Survey Logo British Geological Survey
Comments Upper Devonian-Pilton Shales.A2 (Goldring 1957 table)Geol.Soc.Coll. 6257 is on same slab as Geol.Soc.Coll. 6258 which is Lectotype of Productella (whidbornella) caperata ( C.Sowerby)Ilfracombe Road Quarry is the locality specified on museum tablet. Top Orchard locality referred to by Goldring in his publication.
Country England
Locality Top Orchard Quarry,Barnstaple,Devon
Grid Reference Not available
Rock Unit Upper Devonian Rocks (Undifferentiated)
Biozone Not available
Geological Age

Late Devonian Epoch (Devonian Period) (358.9 – 382.7 Ma B.P.)


Amber 1995 Geol et Palaeontol 29 p.65 pl.15,fig.5

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